Automatically request reviews from WooCommerce customers and manage the reviews in the dashboard. It would be ideal if I could ask in one form for a general rating of the shop/service and the purchased product. The product rating should be assigned to the respective WooCommerce product, so that the product rating is then displayed in the store on the product page and I can display the general rating regarding the store in a slider on the start page or similar. Unfortunately, there are often problems with services such as Trustpilot & Co. if the store reviews that have been recorded via their system as described above are displayed in a widget that is not yours, as they use the widgets as an incentive to sell, among other seller points. Therefore, something like this would be a really premium solution which significantly extends the purpose of embedmyreview, because it is also difficult for agencies like us to make it clear to a customer that they first need the premium version of one system to record the reviews and then the solution we offer, which replaces the other solution in almost all respects, except that the reviews are actually recorded. It would enable us to implement a kind of Trustpilot for our E-Commerce customers. What do you think?

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WooCommerce Reviews

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